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Leadership Development

“Great leaders know where their people should go, know how to get there from where they currently are, and are able to influence others to come with them on their journey." — Arvidson


Achieving Peak Performance

Establish a team member’s peak performance post-discipline.

Behavorial Interviewing

A technique which asks specific questions to predict a potential team member’s success based on a...

Change Management

Change is constant. Is your team ready?

Coaching in the Moment

Effectively working through issues affecting safety, efficiency, and productivity in the work env...

Coaching & Motivating Employees

Human nature drives us to seek approval and recognition. This course is based on the P.R.I.C.E mo...

Conflict Resolution

Leaders will be positioned to resolve workplace conflicts in a timely and effective manner.

Conflict Resolution/Peer To Leader Transition

Leaders will be positioned to resolve workplace conflicts in a timely and effective manner.

Decision Making

Do your leaders feel comfortable making decisions?


How to let go, delegate responsibilities, and trust the decision to do so.

Developing A Safety Culture

Skills-based training that teaches leaders how to create and maintain a safety culture.

Effective Performance Reviews

Effective performance reviews require proper planning and delivery to receive a positive behavior...

Embracing Diversity & Inclusion

Recognizing unconscious bias in regards to decision making.

Emotional Intelligence

Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence as a leader.

Enhancing Performance & Work Habits

Strategic steps necessary to increase a team member’s performance.

Executive Coaching

Coaching provided by one of our trainers with multiple years of experience in manufacturing, publ...

Leadership Development Event

This is a multi-day program that will ensure your leaders are the best in their current role and ...

Leadership Essentials Series

This Series will provide front-line leaders with the foundational skills and concepts necessary t...

Leadership Profiling-DISC

DiSC® Profile instrument is used to explore team member motivations and personalities.

Leading A Multi-Generational Workforce

Principle-based leadership tool offering guidelines for effective leadership.

Managing Difficult Situations

Provides leaders with the tools to navigate through conflict and disagreements with peers of mult...

Managing Effective Meetings

Meetings can be management’s most effective communication and planning vehicle.

Managing The Stresses Of Leadership

Is achieving an effective work/life balance weighing on your organization? Is stress taking its t...

Mastering Leadership Series

This is an exceptional follow up to the Leadership Essentials series or a stand-alone series for ...

Maximizing Your Leadership Muscles

Utilizing muscles in decision making.

Performance With Attitude

A motivating discovery of an attitude cycle that affects every team member within the organizatio...

Retention & Succession Development

Insight into practices designed to retain team members and prepare high potential candidates for ...

Selection & Hiring

Insight into practices designed to retain team members and prepare high potential candidates for ...

Situational Leadership

Help your direct reports soar to new levels of performance.

The Faces Of Leadership

Principle-based leadership tool offering guidelines for effective leadership.

The Five Behaviors

The Five Behaviors® Team Development transforms intact teams through The Five Behaviors model of ...

The Legalities Of Leadership

Are your leaders concerned with what they can or cannot ask a team member? When does it cross the...

The Power Of Praise

An under-utilized tool by leaders, yet the most important in achieving peak performance.

Train The Trainer

Dynamic training is one of the organization’s most effective methods to educate, empower and deve...

Understanding Employee Perceptions

By understanding team member perceptions, managers can understand the dynamics of effective commu...

Workforce Big 5 Assessment

Assesses 54 Management/Leadership competencies. This Five-Factor Model provides you with a compre...

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