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Employee Development & Team Building

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence
win championships." — Michael Jordan


Building Self Esteem

Understand the importance of healthy self-esteem in the workplace and its relationship to product...

Enjoy Your Job With Maximum Performance

Explore the team member attitude cycle that revolves around job satisfaction, personal energy and...

Goal Setting

Recognize the direct and proportional relationship between goals and productivity with team membe...

Managing Employee

Develop insight into human behavior and motivation to better communicate and serve internal/exter...

Managing The Daily Stresses

Develop a solid understanding of the effects of tension in the workplace.

Proactive Time Management

Develop strategic plans to manage multiple projects or tasks.

Team Development Series

Explore the different stages of team development and discover how to manage each to maximize prod...

Understanding Employee Motivations

This module utilizes the DiSC® profiling instrument to discover team member motivations and perso...

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