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It is my privilege to report to you that “Safety is First” and that as of the start of business today, Xerium Technologies’ Stowe Woodward, Ruston, Louisiana plant has successfully completed three hundred and sixty five days (365 days) without an “OSHA Recordable Injury”.

From the guidance provided by our Corporate Safety Director, Mr. Randall Arnott, and the leadership and support of our NA Regional Director, Mr. Larry Hoffman, yourself, our Plant Manager, Mr. James Roberts, our Plant Superintendent, Mr. Gregg Williams, our previous EHS Coordinator and all of our management and supervisory team, we have been able to achieve this “Monumental Milestone” for the First time at the Ruston, Louisiana facility. This accomplishment includes the successful endeavors of an average of sixty (60) people working over ninety three thousand five hundred (93,500) hours.

The success of the personnel at this facility is also attributable to pro-active people such as Mr. Bill Black, Mr. Tyler Cunningham, Mr. Kenny Davis, Mr. Kenny Knight, Mr. Michael Malham, Mr. Toby Martin, Mr. Colt Sanders, Mr. Larry Spivey, Mr. Chad Thompson, and Mr. Todd Thompson who continually show their commitment to Safety through their one hundred (100) percent participation in all Safety Training.

Moving forward, I am confident that this will be a continuing trend at this facility and look forward to reporting our progressive success to you next year. I am also confident that our Plant Safety Committee will continue to be a driving force in facilitating the corporate wide objectives of our Safety Program. Our twelve (12) member team has committed to communicating with and bringing the concerns of all personnel to our meetings and presenting them to assist in determining the most effective, efficient, and productive means of advancing Safety. They are also committed to accomplishing multiple safety inspections, safety observations, and job hazard analysis along with informing all personnel of their activities.

With the implementation of On-Line Safety Training through “DriversAlert” working in tandem with Hands-On in house training provided by “Training Logic, Inc.” and utilizing the Louisiana Incumbent Worker Training Grant from the “Louisiana Department of Labor”, the continued weekly “Toolbox Meetings”, and the continued support of yourself and all of our Corporate and local management and supervisory team, Safety will continue to be at the forefront of all of our activities, both professionally and personally.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe this calls for a “Celebration”.

Kenneth O. Driskell, Jr. - Xerium

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