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Surveys are a critical tool to provide an accurate “snap shot” of the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, attitudes, and concerns. This snap shot will provide a benchmark which organizations can use to determine growth and impact of selected goals and actions. Identified strengths of the organization can be leveraged quickly through surveys as well as correction to organizational weaknesses.

Employees feel a strong sense of value when surveys are well prepared and deployed correctly.

Organizations earn a significant “care factor” rating. Teams directly relate organizational listening to organizational caring which can often times impact retention rates.

Successful surveys will increase communication effectiveness and reduce communication drops by minimizing the barriers which normally prevent a healthy business flow throughout the organization.

Team performance, sales, and service can all be maximized through properly executed surveys!

Training Logic, Inc. offers Surveys and Reporting Services geared towards Organizational Culture, Employee Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction, Safety Culture, Succession Development, Marketing Plans, Business Strategy, Project Evaluation and more!

Training Logic’s Professional Survey Developers and Facilitators will:

  • Customize your questions
  • Select and monitor your delivery systems
  • Collect and analyze respondent data
  • Formulate powerful reports
  • Present survey results to the Leadership & Management Team with easy to understand graphs and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Customize and deliver classes to meet the needs of the organization.