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Full Learning Transfer Model (FLTM)

80% of training fails. TLI’s full learning transfer results in near 100% success.


One key activity within the FLTM is to require the leader-of-the-participant to meet with the participant before the live learning event to discuss the event, WHY it is important (what's in it for the participant/team/department/company), and the leader's expectations to complete all learning activities and come back with actionable items.

Without a resource/tool for the leader-of-the participant, most meetings do not succeed and are a waste of time--or do not occur at all because the leader anticipates it will be a wasted effort. Here is a simple quick reference guide (QRG) that you can use starting today to ensure the meeting is a success--increasing learning, application, and performance!

NOTE: For better viewing, you can right-click on this image, select open image in new tab, and then select zoom in if needed. Also, feel free to contact TLI for the PDF or Word version.

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