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Full Learning Transfer Model (FLTM)

80% of training fails. TLI’s full learning transfer results in near 100% success.


One key activity within the FLTM is to require the leader-of-the-participant to meet with the participant after the live learning event to share key learnings and the new actions that will be taken to improve the performance. Expectations are also shared that those actions will be completed and, until then, monitored and either recognized/rewarded or coached as necessary. The performance will be reviewed/evaluated on the regular mid-year and annual performance reviews. The participant is also reminded he/she now has 24/7 access to a resource site with all the key learnings and tools--as well as will begin receiving weekly emails reinforcing key learnings from the learning event.

Without a resource/tool for the leader-of-the participant, most meetings do not succeed and are a waste of time--or do not occur at all because the leader anticipates it will be a wasted effort. Here is a simple quick reference guide (QRG) that you can use starting today to ensure the meeting is a success--increasing learning, application, and performance!

NOTE: For better viewing, you can right-click on this image, select open image in new tab, and then select zoom in if needed. Also, feel free to contact TLI for the PDF or Word version.

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