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Building an inclusive workforce. We use a proven process of Transformational Change that supports people in changing their attitudes, behaviors, and workplace relationships.

Diversity is a fact.

Diversity refers to the demographics of a group. Workplace diversity includes, but is not limited to, social identity categories such as race, gender, sexuality, abilities, and religion. A workplace can have diversity without inclusion.

Inclusion is an act.

Inclusion is a set of measurable behaviors that make people feel welcome. Inclusive behaviors can include expression of genuine concern, authentic curiosity about a person’s lived experience, appreciation for their perspective, or recognizing the value of their contributions. Inclusive behaviors may include invitations to lunch, to collaborate, and to lead.

Equity is an investment.

Achieving equity requires time, attention, and resources. It can mean using one’s influence to spread awareness, counteracting bias and discrimination, and committing to take action that makes a difference. In the workplace, it means investing in the success and well-being of traditionally underrepresented groups.

Differentiating between these terms builds a foundation for transforming workplace relationships. While all three areas of DEI are important, inclusivity is the secret sauce that drives engagement, productivity, and innovation. In inclusive work environments, people have the psychological safety necessary to recognize
genius and cultivate collective intelligence.


  • Diversity and inclusion strategic planning
  • Inclusive leadership development
  • Inclusivity workshops
  • Workplace engagement programs
  • Coaching and facilitation

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About the iChange Collaborative approach

We help companies and organizations develop an inclusive culture in which both the business and its employees thrive. We bring deep knowledge of how individuals and organizations develop effective DEI mindsets as they move through a transformational change process.

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