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“Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win.”
— Jeffrey Gitomer

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Closing The Sale

Develop skills to enable salespeople to gain confidence and increase closing ratios.

Communications – The Exploratory Process

Miscommunication and missed sales go hand-in-hand. Misinterpreting buyer’s signals causes frustra...

Delivering Diamond Selling

Skills follow-up to Diamond Communication Process.

Diamond Selling Process

In-depth insight to a communication process model which customizes communication to fit the recip...

Dynamic Selling Skills Series

Feedback is given in the training through a series of customized role plays that will strengthen ...

Effective Negotiation

In-depth exploration of the “Win-Win Negotiations” process.

Exploring Buyer’s Needs

Introduction to an exploratory model that allows salespeople to identify intrinsic buyer motivati...

Identifying Buyer’s Motivations

Develop insight into human behavior and motivation.


Develop insight into prospecting strategies and turning leads into dollars.

The Power Of Communication Positioning

Improve a salesperson’s communication efficiency with this training that targets the process of h...

Understanding Buyer’s Perceptions

Examine the dynamics of effective communication and the variables that exist.

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