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Measurement/Case Studies

Proving impact across the enterprise.


TLI measures courses, services, and grants for effectiveness in our never-ending quest for improvement. We also offer to work with your people who are responsible for measurement, help you develop measurement capabilities within your company if none are yet developed, or do it for you.

Why Measure?

We’re in training and services because we want to help people change their behavior in order to achieve the desired business results—culture, engagement, customer experience, metrics, etc. Both we and they want to know whether that is being done and how well.

Measurement Levels

  • Level 0 – Participant/Function/Location
  • Levels 1 – 4 (Kirkpatrick)
    • Level 1 - Course/Facilitator Effectiveness
    • Level 2 - Amount of Learning – Knowledge After vs. Before Training
    • Level 3 - On-the-Job Application of New Knowledge/Skills
    • Level 4 – Business Impact of On-the-Job Application
  • Level 5 (Phillips) – Return-On-Investment (ROI) - Impact vs. Training Costs

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